Gym Climber Table Ladder and Slide – Rent

$2.76 / Day

Gym Climber Table Ladder and Slide

Pickler Slide + Climber - Rent

  • 1 Rock Climbing Frame
  • Dimensions: 120cm Length x 30cm Width x 12.5 cm Depth
  • Weight
  • Assembly
  • Recommended Ages: 3+ Year

Climbing Frame - Rent


1 Pikler Hardwood Frame (with a water base clear varnish finish)

Hex Key for Assembling

ClimbA will be Flatpacked for required Assembly


Folded size: 84cm (H) x 53cm (W) x 10.5cm (D)

Open size: 70cm (H) x 53cm (W) x 90cm (D)

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Gym Climber Table Ladder and Slide

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Pickler Slide + Climber - Rent



Climbing Frame - Rent




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