Lamaze Xylophone Bird House – Rent

$0.56 / Day

Note: For events rent (3 days only rent), please go to ‘home’ page, click ‘events’ category/section

Ages 12+ Months
Xylophone toy
Eight musical bars
Bird mallet sized for baby’s hands
Baby bird on house,Xylophone toy
Eight musical bars
Bird mallet sized for baby’s hands
Baby bird on house

749,simple,011-IMANGA-PPUPLCP0,Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Large Compact Playset – Rent,-4 – 8 years
-​It’s the party fun with the Polly Pocket Party playset! -Shaped like an adorable unicorn

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Note: For events rent (3 days only rent), please go to ‘home’ page, click ‘events’ category/section

this larger-sized Unicorn Party compact is filled with 25+ surprises and opens to a dazzling playset with princess activities! Also includes micro Polly and Lila dolls
​-Pull the tab and a colorful stream of confetti rains down along with 25+ surprises! Kids will love the excitement and unwrapping fun!
​-Princess play is so much fun at the bouncy house! Just press the button and Polly doll can have the bounciest fun ever!
​-Polly and Lila dolls are having a blast on the rainbow cloud see-saw! So many fun things to see and do!
​-Lila doll is on “”cloud nine”” while relaxing on the adorable cloud seat that can fit a friend

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