By renting toys, you are saving our planet

The toy industry is massive where it hits $20+ billion in sales. This industry shows no sign of slowing down. Unfortunately, the more toys are produced/consumed, the more negative environmental impact we get. In the production process, complex chemicals are used, a massive amount of carbon dioxide and waste is produced. For families, they spend a great deal of money to get toys. After a short period of usage, families dump these toys. This introduces a unique challenge because of toys composed of many components such as metals. The recyclable components can’t be separated, and become classified as non-recycled toys.

We (eToyLibrary) provide toys for rent in very low fees. We get to:

  1. slow down the production/consumption processes.
  2. help families to avoid constantly buy and sell toys as children grow.
  3. save massive efforts to process and/or recycle toys.