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Electronic Toy Library (eToyLibrary) is a fast growing startup in Melbourne. We understand very well the importance of toys in our children’s lives and we know that toys are costly. Moreover, after a short period, the toys become not suitable for our kids and we need to get rid of them.

We are the next-generation toy library that facilitates shopping and renting toys at very low fees. Using our service, your kids will get so much fun and you are going to impact the environment by reducing plastic and waste that are generated from the manufacturing process of new toys and/or dumping old toys. In addition to being super fun, we also help kids get practice with respecting and taking care of things that are only temporarily entrusted to them.


Toys become equally accessible by all kids anytime anywhere regardless of families locations and/or financial situations (Democratization of toys)


Provide a platform that enables families to rent any toy that best fits their kids taste.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let us know!

Eco Friendly 

The toy industry is massive where it hits $20+ billion in sales. This industry shows no sign of slowing down. Unfortunately, the more toys are produced/consumed, the more negative environmental impact we get. In the production process, complex chemicals are used, a massive amount of carbon dioxide and waste is produced. For families, they spend a great deal of money to get toys. After a short period of usage, families dump these toys. This introduces a unique challenge because of toys composed of many components such as metals. The recyclable components can’t be separated, and become classified as non-recycled toys.

We (eToyLibrary) provide toys for rent in very low fees. We get to:

  1. slow down the production/consumption processes.
  2. help families to avoid constantly buy and sell toys as children grow.
  3. save massive efforts to process and/or recycle toys.

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